Fixed Assets including Real Estate Deals need to be valued for satisfaction of various requirements including for M & A Deals and for Tax & Corporate Laws Regulatory Requirements. Our dedicated Fixed Assets valuation team with intensive experience and research focus will help you in quantifying the real worth of yourFixed assets and assist you for complying with the various regulatory requirements.

Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) is a plan through which a company awards Stock Options to the employees based on their performance. ESOP Valuation is needed for Accounting purpose for calculation of Compensation Expense by company and for Taxation purpose for calculation of perquisite Tax payable by the employees.

The increasing recognition of the value of intangibles comes with the continuous increase in the gap between companies book values and their market valuations, as well as sharp increases in premiums that were paid in M&A transactions. Patents & Trademarks, Brands, Knowhow & Trade secrets, Customers are some of the important intangibles.Our dedicated valuation team with intensive experience and research focus will help you in quantifying the real worth of your intangibles.

For all unlisted companies having Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), RBI has prescribed mandatory valuation of shares strictly through Discounted Free Cash Flow (DFCF) method only for which we assist our clients in discovering the value of the company.

Business Valuation is the process of determining the “Economic Worth” of a Company based on its business model and external environment and supported with reasons and empirical evidence.