Auditing & Assurance Services



We provide audit services of international standards, through a system driven process employing automated audit tools, detailed check lists, contemporary industry data bases and knowledge banks. The Service Areas in Audit & Assurance services includes the following:

Internal Audit

We have over the period defined “Verticals” (Auto/ Health/ Services/ Trading outlets/ Govt.) with domain knowledge of each vertical. This is handled by a specialized Internal Audit team, where each team member has been trained on ERP/ SAP systems and can use the latest e-tools. We have designed questionnaires for each functional area to capture information, analyze system controls and process, to intelligently review gaps and report on risk exposure.

Management and Statutory Audits

We ensure compliance with policies, procedures, statutes, standards and guidelines as mandated/ recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. In specific cases, we also cover GAAP related issues, for transnational corporations, operating in multiple tax and regulatory jurisdictions. We use efficiency tools, developed in house, to report on the performance of the company functions.

We are also engaged for Audit of Entities in Banking Sector for both Domestic Entities as well as MNC operating in India.

Tax audits

Indian tax legislation has mandatory auditing stipulations for certain defined organizations, for disclosure of relevant information through specified formats. This is done by the audit wing, with technical inputs and monitoring by the taxation department.

Retail audits

We help our client in business planning by providing them effectiveness, sales trends, sales volume etc. of a brand or product in the retail outlet. Technology is one of the key tools being used by us to carry out a retail audit. The technology can be used to obtain product information (its features, sales, brand value etc.), evaluate the competition, getting real time data and improving performance trends.

IS, Secretarial & IFRS Audit

IS audit:

We render services in relation to audit of all type of organisations covering Information Technology Structure and Communication / Network technologies, underlying computer hardware, software, Networks, and complete modules of Physical and logical access controls, system development, business continuity and disaster recovery and IT Governance.

Secretarial Audit:

We render specialised audit services in relation to analysis of secretarial records of a corporate to ensure proper and adequate documentation as well as the corporate law compliances, and upraise the corporates to strengthen their Corporate law compliances in accordance with the applicable corporate laws and corporate responsibility laws applicable in India.

    IFRS Audit:

  • We provide an adaptive service to our clients by advising and assisting in improving IFRS financial reporting.
  • Achieving seamless transition to an IFRS compliant enterprise.

With our insight and understanding of the complex regulatory environment in India , we offer a safe escort to our client operations, providing them with sufficientinformation and facilitating efficient, well-informed and controlled operations.

We provide attestation services of various certificates as required by both statutory and non statutory authorities in India. We render specialised advisory & certification in relation to ESOPs, Derivative, Corporate Governance and Tax Compliances.

We render specialised services with our enduring and proven successful experience to help reduce the risk of investment by performing due diligence and other
agreed-upon procedures. Utilizing a multifunctional approach to due diligence, we provide a comprehensive and uniform approach to risk evaluation for stakeholders, investors, debtors & creditors, banks and government agencies.

We render assurance service to appraise managements functions and accomplishments and designing and operations of internal controls, having
special emphasis on both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Our Internal Audit Services include assistance with department start-ups, performance enhancement and the outsourcing of an entire internal audit function.

With the specific objective to mitigate the risk in significant areas of the business, We perform in-depth review and testing of the internal control aspects as per
the specific requirement of our clients.